Luck and Choice


4 years since I last penned anything new and still I have no idea.  Okay maybe I have some ideas but in the end everyone’s lives end up about being about luck.

Now being a believer I’ve seen people just about going hysterical even if you just say ‘touch wood’, no, it’s just a saying.  Honestly though, think about when, where and circumstances you are born into.  We do not choose where we are born, our parents or whether we are born into families of means and influence or you are born into poverty.  What would one call that?  LUCK no?

Sometimes people do just have rotten luck.  Life doesn’t get planned with what is definitely going to happen tomorrow, it’s all about … what would you call it? ….. Luck, right?

I did not choose my parents, wonderful as they are.  I did not choose where I was born, but yeah I chose to come back to this one horse town, and the horse is avoiding the potholes too.  That is CHOICE.  I did not choose to have a red head dragon as a teacher who ruined countless children’s confidence irreparably.  I did not choose the abuse.  It did lead me to choose not to study because it was a norm that no matter how hard you studied, you still get beaten by the dragon.  So getting through with no studies and C’s it was all pretty good.

I did not choose to fall in love with a wonderful man who loved me with all he had.  I chose to marry him but did not choose to have him die.  We may have had little but it was the happiest I ever was and considered myself LUCKY.

I did not choose to raise kids on my own.  I chose what work I wanted and where it would be which gave me less time to be a parent.

I chose to move to improve my study and job opportunities.  I did not choose that I’d sometimes work for the greatest people or sometimes the worst cretins imaginable.

I did not choose to have MS invade my life and eventually have it take away everything I worked so hard for.  I did however choose to finally be medically boarded but not that being medically boarded would make me seem useless to the eyes of banks and financial institutions.  I also did not choose to that ‘these’ would make me concerned of losing my independence.  I can however choose to fight.  Whether I’ll have any LUCK in a country where nobody gives a continental waffle about the work they do or the lives they ruin in process, I just don’t know.

So, at the end of the day I believe that LUCK and CHOICE go hand in hand.  You may not CHOOSE  and be UNLUCKY or you may CHOOSE and be LUCKY or the other way around.  Time to stock up on some horse shoes, four leaf clovers and hide all the mirrors.  I sure need some LUCK on my side for a change.



By murphysmadhouse

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