2012 the end is nigh

Ugh, lost my password and the place I’ve been in has kept me from bothering retrieving it. I mean if you can’t remember your arse from your elbow do you think I can remember which e-mail address I registered under? But, I obviously had a brain fart and remembered after the kazzillionth try, okay okay, I’m exaggerating, but aren’t I always? 🙂

Currently living the life of whoop di freaking do. Tell all … No … Tell some pending.

Worst of my year was Michael telling me his gf was pregnant. Best was when she was born. She’s the most gorgeous little angel.

Post on what it was like becoming a grandma and pics pending.

Currently, I’m on temporary disability due to the MS. Fighting the depression and forgetfulness demons I feel like a dragon slayer already. Just not knowingv where I am headed and living in limbo has been placing unecessary weight on my shoulders.

Learning new things which have kept me occupied and given me loads of time to think. Pics pending on this too.

Also trying to sort out my faith in this time too. I’m sure God will forgive my moods because he can see what’s happening in ‘Houston’.

By murphysmadhouse

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